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Diets? I don’t believe in them. My motto is “Smaller portion means smaller pants!” If you stuff yourself what do you think will happen? Like my dad always said, “For every action there’s a reaction”.

Basically, if you eat more than your body needs then you will gain weight. It's as simple as that!

Big Mac Attack? Working out does not mean you are permitted to eat a Big Mac or any greasy fried foods. If I EVER catch you in a fast food chain there will be consequences to pay in the form of burpees.

Are you a little Hangry? I like to use the word “Hangry”. The definition is one that barely eats and starts to get cranky at anyone and everyone within a 2 km radius. Hungry + Angry…not a good combination. You could potentially lose friends over this.

So let’s break it down

Eat small portions that consists of healthy foods

Eat only when your are hungry (every 3 hours is a good rule to go by)

Drink your H2O (yes stay close to bathroom)

Watch your alcohol intake. Trust me I am the biggest fan of red wine but too much throughout the week and your belt will have to be loosened vs. tightened!

Enjoy food and life… moderation is the key!

You may hate me after I tell you this… ONE day of bad eating is equal to three days of recovery! Ask yourself, is it really worth it??? We will go over your diet and I will make suggestions for you. You are what you eat so please know this is the biggest part of reaching your goals. It’s a make it or break it kind of deal!


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