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Waist Away Program!

It's time to get our waist back to a healthy range! Beginning on March 1st!

This 8 week program well get your started in the right direction.

With training sessions, a program to take home with you and nutritonal guidance, this new life style change will be a smooth transition!

This program is also budget friendly so I will work with you to make it afforadable for you.

To make things more fun, all clients will be involved in a challenge to lose as many inches off their waist in the 8 weeks. All waist measurments will be added together and every 2 weeks we will post the amount lost to motivate others to start on this new adventure of health and well being!

Other answers to questions you may have!

1) Session(s) will be at my fitness studio located in the market

2) I wil be monitoring your progress as we go along

3) The at home program( I call it homework) will need to be done as I prescribe on an individual basis.

4) Yes! Cheat items will be permitted!

5) This program is designed to give you all the tools you need for a life style change.

There are no such thing as quick fixes. If you can form a new healthy habit than you are well on your way!

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