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Erin's 30-minute personal training workouts have re-kindled my love of exercise.  They are a perfect combination of cardio and strength training, working every body part.  No more need to spend endless hours starting off with cardio then waiting for machines in a busy gym just to work 2 body parts. Erin’s approach is ‘get in, get it done, get out’. 

In 30 minutes, I’ve worked every body part as well as broken a healthy sweat while getting my heart-rate up.

Each workout is focused, and never the same as the one before which makes it interesting. She really knows her clients and takes care to push them enough to make it count, but not so hard so that they cannot walk the next day.

I cannot wait to see my transformation over the coming months. 

THANK YOU for motivating me and for being such a rock star!!!




I don't usually write posts like these but I do want to give a HUGE shout out to 

Erin Nelson from 30in30fitnessfor helping me get into shape these past few months.

The first time I worked out with Erin was in 2015, right before I got pregnant.

I was at my fittest and had gone down to pre-pregnancy size (or almost!).I recently started working with Erin again as I wasn't able to find the motivation to workout on my own (and I tried!).

Since May, I have lost 10 pounds and almost 8 inches. I am stronger than ever before  and feel great and healthy... and this is just the beginning. Looking forward to seeing how far I can go.

Anyways, if you are like me and need a push, Erin has been great. All our sessions are 30 minutes and have been virtual. Her prices are affordable and her approach and personality is amazing. Veronique







I wanted to take a moment and personally thank you. I truly appreciate everything you have done for me so far. I know it’s far from over but we are certainly headed in the right direction. I shared with you my buying new jeans story as I have finally moved into a 34 inch jean. This was an emotional moment for me as I never thought that I would be at this place. You knew that this was a big deal and you were so excited for me. That meant so much. I feel healthier than ever before. Your experience and knowledge is amazing and each workout with you I learn something new.  You also have this uncanny way of knowing when to push me and when to take it easy during certain exercises. I can’t say thanks enough. You are amazing!! I just wanted you to know that. James B.


Erin has been a Godsend!  Those who know me can attest to my statement “allergic to the gym”.  I don’t particularly like working out and figured that my good genes will get me through.  Then I met Erin.  Many years ago, I used to train in a gym for a minimum of 2 hours 2-3 times a week.  I just did not have that kind of time to put into working out anymore (or I just became lazy).  Erin had the ‘just-right’ solution!  Not too much; not too little; just the right amount.  Just like Goldilocks but in the fitness world! Monica


I was facing surgery and wanted to get as fit as possible, fast. Erin Nelson was the perfect trainer: a great balance of tough love and smart strategy, constantly customizing to get results and keep it interesting, and so careful about form and stretching that I always felt safe and cared for. Thank you! Natalie

"Erin embodies the word leadership! Both in her personal and professional life, Erin is seen as a leader but also a partner which makes for a powerful combination. She has an extremely positive attitude about life which is infectious and motivating. Her ability to understand your needs, respect your boundaries and her ability to know when to push beyond them has enabled me to make fundamental changes in the way I view my physical health. Beyond her strengths and knowledge in and of the fitness industry, Erin has the ability to help her clients see a vision and build a sustainable plan to see that vision come to fruition. Get ready for an exciting ride, she will change your life!” Traci W.


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