Just want to tone up for a special event or trip? Easy… give me a month with at least 2-3 sessions a week! In need of a good sweat or just to blow off some steam due to a stressful meeting or a crazy boss? No problem either! In need of a change for a few weeks? 




We will work out a plan that makes sense to you! I can do group sessions but it depends on how many participants! Workouts can be done at your home, work place or at my workout space!


There are 3 phases to my programs lasting 6-8 weeks depending on where your fitness level is at in each phase. 2-3 times per week is the perfect amount of training. This program is designed for reaching long term goals and getting your body and fitness level healthy and happy again. And guess what? Each session is only 30 minutes long! Everyone has 30 minutes to spend on themselves and if you don’t think you do, I will find it for you!  

What's 30in30 about?
My program is designed to target all muscle groups as well as to camouflage the cardio!
You will see what I mean when you try it! I can cater to your goals, your budget and any
modifications you may need due to injury and fitness level.
The Prices... the BIG Question! $$$
Some of us have piggie banks that are a bit 
wounded but I can make it work for you! 
To Begin...

We start with a friendly greeting sit down to discuss your goals and take  measurments... the fun part!)

We will also go through a series of exercises to check out your fitness level. Don't worry its nothing scary!

Cost- $45 for 45 minutes



Let's get the ball rolling....

 A 30 minute workout will be...you guessed it.. $30!


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